Friendship Club Cuba-USA

The origin of this Non Governmental Organization begging at the end of 1994, when several friends, resident Cubans in Cuba, created the Managing Committee of Friendship Association Cuba-USA.

By that time Press and Culture department of the Office of U.S. Interests of America in Havana, invited us to its activities and he supplied information packs to us: Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. that we distributed it in our communities. Furthermore, we showed up and gave to meet Cuban government´s official community institutions, created a English language´s classroom. We accomplish this social-culturalwork cultural partner like the attempt of creating a friendly bridge between both towns. We were not exempt of governmental pressures against.

In order to expose our project, we proposed an interview with Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples´ officials(ICAP), but we were hear only by a subordinate, with no furthermore results. With the temper of legalizing our Association, we resort to the Cuba´s Ministry Of Foreign Relations (MINREX) and to the Ministry of Justice (MINJUS), but both they proved to be sterile negotiations.

In 2014 we confer a new organizational profile to the Association, this time like a Club. We restructure the foundational Statutes with ampler and varied Intentions, we create an account of Twitter, a place in Facebook and a blog: Http:// that allow us participating actively in the social networks.

Like Fundamental goal, the Club members aspire to the bigger possible level of proximity and imbrication of the Cuban civil society with the North American, mainly in areas of Culture, the Sustainable Development and personal relations, everything to both mutual benefit and progress.

In the area of Culture we promote a Cuban-American inter-cultural partnership trough art expositions, workshops, communicative debates, dialogs, courses, lectures, publications, literary an inventions contests, that tend to the citizen participation, putting special emphasis on the recuperation, analysis and diffusion of historic and patrimonial materials, and of the friendly reciprocal traditions, without delegating the spaces sports and recreational.

An activity foreseen by the Club members in this area is retrieving the history from the Masonic lodge of North Americans in Cuba, closed down at the beginning of the decade of the 60, and located in the present-day site of The House of Music, in Miramar, Havana.

In the area of the Sustainable Development we back up the interests of the Cuba´s incipient private sector, establishing connections in occupations and professions with North American counterparts, encouraging training entrepreneurial courses, financing and resourceful programs, led to the mutual progress of the human and social capital.

In the area of the personal relations we are in search of analytical proposals and actions that contribute to the pacific, solidary and tolerant get-together of the Cuban society, and of this with the North American´s and other peoples, on basis of the human relations, taking into account inclusiveness and the accessibility for all, without barriers of no kind.

Another activity foreseen by the Club members, this time for the next six months (2017-2018) consists in analyzing, from the optics of the interpersonal diplomacy, the electoral process that will takes effect in Cuba.

A project should been conceive itself to be viable, and that its purposes manage to benefit the most ample sector of the civil society, for its increasing progress and well-being. However, in aggregate, in the real Cuban surroundings the aforementioned faculty of “relative viability of purposes” taps specific factors, interests and governmental pressures.

The project Friendship Club Cuba-USA give results viable because it exists and its according to the present national context, with the propose to become more perfect and made suitable to future. It does not inculcate confrontational tempers with nobody, but its ideological tendency becomes of a motion of democratic integration. It regards the North American civil partnership as a model to follow in organization, development, diversity and prosperity. Therefore, the project of our Club fulfills a civic substantial role in the local space, and also in the continental and global geopolitics, promoting the best neighbor’s politics with the EE UU.


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