The organized crime of Dr. Brian Weiss


When arbitrariness and illegality dare to raise their heads with arrogance and impudence, it is always a sure sign that the those called to defend the law have not done their duty.
Rudolf von Ihering

I. Exordium

The criminal who seems good and honest, represents an insoluble problem. Not only he cheats the experts, but also people who can boast of knowing men well. It is not even possible to exclude the police or the judges. Some wrongdoers enjoy friendliness or sympathy because a Bible I has been found among their possessions or because they have written a book about resurrection.
A soft voice, and specially an open smile, disarm and produce blindness in judgment. Defense lawyers with experience usually give to the press, before the hearing, photos of their clients with a far-away look and laughing naively, which makes our defense instinct stagger. The person that smiles seems to be afraid of nothing and, consequently, we are not afraid of him/her. He/she seems nice and pleasant to us, like a seller who wants to stimulate us to buy. We are ready to acquire the goods that he recommends to us, because we have formed a good opinion of him.
The criminal uses the beliefs of social life, which are endlessly offered to his instincts. It is known that the swindler lives with decorum, as a model citizen, without raising any suspicion during long years; for which we can trust him without conditions. And when the fact that he is very appreciated is added to the equation, we cannot attribute criminal action to him whatsoever.1
Part of the masks that cheat us, it is possible to buy at the corner of the next street. One of them is that of erudition, sign of good judgment; and another one, is to dress well, offering an image of decorum. The academic grade and the elegance belong to the technical camouflage of con men, swindlers and gangsters. In contrast with our calm respect towards them, we can get to know them precisely because of this profile.
The descriptions that experienced reporters provide to us reveal that our image of the criminal is –at least in many cases– in contradiction with the reality of life, and this is because criminals sometimes have an appearance as good as that of their victims. It is true that frequently our representations are fixed in the most superficial things. Big criminals exhibit with taste proper academic qualifications and attractive faces and when these wolves attack, camouflaged either by their diplomas or by their own genial nature, they conquer our friendliness because they have skin and sheep face.
Nevertheless, being conversant and having good appearance are not the only disturbing causes yet. In all impressions, in addition to the forces of the physical world, there are additional forces, which excite complementary emotional reactions. We find beautiful everything that is strong, imposing, wonderful or useful. It is a biologically valuable mechanism of our spirit that is, because it connects us to superior forces, first esthetical and later moral.
The fact that our judgment rushes and is wronged by admired images, it is proved by the performance of the swindler who hides under clerical robes, looking respectable, and he conquers all our caution. In our mind settles the calm tyranny of emotions and our judgment yields to its despotic dominance.
The same way the priest protects us from divine anger, the doctor protects us from the viral attacks that stalk and threaten our life. He is included in the circle of our feelings of gratitude. He constitutes an ideal paradigm of the man who looks over our well-being and health. It exists an admiring image that does without an impartial judgment and does not want to recognize the transgressions of the one who is revered like an idol, although this word originally means deceitful image, fetish, which is served for the servers’ own damage. During the time in which he is admired, we consider this «minutiae” to be irrelevant. While when we establish a distance, all the blindfolds of the eyes fall down and we recognize perplexed the limits of our capacity of judgment.
The big swindlers teach us the fundamental principles of the reverence to money and of its enchantment. They dominate the complicated skill of becoming pleasant and trustworthy. To seem attractive is not difficult to the one makes the victim believe that he has wisdom and power. The doctor’s white frock or the business’ fancy suit inspires unlimited confidence and there are the alibis before which nobody dares to suspect. When he is cheating, defrauding, he projects the spirit and image of absolute honesty. But in the moments of panic, the unconscious thing goes out to the surface.

II. The Crime of Swindling2

Swindling presents several characteristics that distinguish it from other punishable acts. Swindling facilitates, on average, the highest booty; its yield makes to turn pale all other crimes against property. As a rule, it can be said that the criminals who have higher income are the habitual swindlers. The criminal act of the perpetrator on the victim is of psychic nature, and therefore invisible, thus moving the victim to harm himself or to harm another one in his patrimony.
In the perpetration of this plundering act, the victim stands out more than the criminal That’s why the subtle reaction of the society is understood, because it is considered that only a fool can be cheated, while that would never happen to one. It is even said that an honest person cannot be cheated. In the swindle does not exist the sensation of danger that is so alarming in violent crimes or against honesty. Often, the bold swindler enjoys himself with the damage that he causes, which reveals weak sides of the human psyche as well as frustrated structures of the social order.
Nobody wants to be a victim of a robbery, and the one that puts the hand in our pocket provokes resistance and calling the police. On the other hand, in the swindle, the victim allows, tolerates and even demands the dangerous approach, to find out only in the last moment, sometimes never, that he has incurred in a loss inferred by a villain who he took for good. Many victims suffer losses, but they think of that, as in gambling in casinos, as simply having bad luck. No other criminal case of our times, like swindling, allows to us to acquaint ourselves best with the psychology of the cooperating victim.
The swindler, disdainful of the punitive norm, continues his way of ascent. With brief and bewildered intervals, the crime proliferates. The mechanism of precipitating the human will by means of illusory footpaths and mirages, it is known as the most lucrative industry and that of less risk, and that it overcomes methods of violence. Instead of stumbling over an inflamed resistance, the swindler trusts in the ashamed resignation of his victim whoever is afraid to suffer the jeers on the prejudice.
The police statistics give credit that the percentage of clarifications do not resist criminological criticism, inasmuch as they warn that only a tiny part of the happened frauds is denounced, and that the term Case Closed is not very transparent. Nevertheless, of course, the juridical problem can be very important in the habitual swindle.
Revising the cast of favorite characters and heroes of stories and fairy tales, we find wonderful kings, princesses, sorcerers and men of force or skill. These archaic worship models of caudillo, healer and giant, live between us still. Although the external forms have changed and the sorcerer has turned into priest and doctor, they belong to the forces whose kindness protects or evilspeaking can damage.
The instincts of devotion always exalt these superior potencies, which remain as powerful today as always were. With this simple but sure psychology –almost animal– that nature has provided him, the swindler unties these emotional complexes and makes them serve their purposes.
The swindler has not pulled them out of the blue, but it has taken them out of the repertoire of erred ideas that remain established in the head of the victim.
The industry gentlemen –as swindlers are called– arose in ancient times. They were defrauding throughout the land with the appearance of spirits and sermons of penance. When the epochs of the fear comes, experienced cheats came out of the shade who promising salvation of the body and soul from all evils.
The Middle Ages passed full of distress states. The fear of the end of the world and divine rage always prevailed in the people; fertile field for swindlers of indulgences, which gave place to big abuses; the ignorance and relaxation of customs caused that many people believed that the former would excuse their sins and were buying them for money. Popes and prelates tried to avert in vain the proliferation and peddling of indulgences by hucksters, who were operating with all sorts of the rarest relics: a piece of the sail of the boat of Saint Peter; a pen of the wing of the archangel San Gabriel; drops of maternal milk of Virgin Mary; a splinter of the Cross of the Calvary.
In exchange for a dishonest fee, industry knights were liberating of the votes of chastity and abstinence; they were authorizing heretics to return to the bosom of the Roman Church; they were investing ecclesiastic dignities to bastard children; they were raising excommunications and interdicts; they were selling to perpetuity plots in the sky. Briefly, all they power they were giving away emanated from themselves. In 1390, the Pontiff Piero Tomacelli –Boniface IX– ordered to apprehend these swindler- priests and their accomplices and imprison them without much ado, simpliciter et de plano ac sine strepitu et figura iudicii.3
In our days, the fraudulent maneuver keeps on amassing fortunes with the sale of hope, in such extravagant way, that it even goes so far as to constitute an affront to the morality of a sows’ pigpen. Many of the big sharks have remained not even only one day in prison. Some of them are arrested, but are liberated again because sometimes their victims withdraw the charges. It is not easy to extinguish the blind confidence of the believers in the swindle of the absurd occultism by means of distancing and of denunciation; and the failure of police pursuit seem to increase the faith in the swindler and reduce the critical faculties of the victim.
The industry gentleman, across the perversion of the religion, fulfills the sleep of the hallucinogenic exaltation. It gives to the masses: “the powerful man” substitute of the king as social alchemist; the big medical holder of the curative art that replaces the magician; or the founding spokesman of secret forces of a new sect.
The gentleman of industry, or swindler, is possessed by the ambition of becoming something better and bigger. He does not compete with others favored by destiny, using the slow and laborious ways established to climb in the social roster; but he reaches the goal of his ardent desires by means of a heroic and theatrical piece. He charges his hand with his crafty simulation, jumping all the distances, in what to others the fatigue or the hazard has granted. And as main yield of this illusion, he receives the submissive reaction of the cheated person.
It is difficult to say who enjoys more: if the knight of industry that performs the role of friend of the gods, or the believers who see him close to them. Both enjoy for a short time the delights of which they are deprived in real life. With his increasing wave of celebrity, their hearts fly to him. The big man seems more and more beautiful and important.
The industry knight is represented in the open scene of the world. He does not hide from our eyes, but from our understanding, and has to be convincing if he has to find acceptance and trust for some time. If he prevails, the fact is that the gentleman of industry, with the magic wand of his instinct, has found a deep lode from which abundantly flows the desire for submission. The professional attitude with which victims almost gratefully rely on, must impose respect, and corresponds to the human need to respect and be respected. Dignity is also a professional requisite and tool of many knights of industry.
Next to the propitious situations to the swindle provided by daily life, there are crises in the collective soul that darken the intellectual activity and predispose to be bamboozled by the trickster. On this fertile ground sprout the swindlers’ abundant seeds, that induce to error not only to isolated individuals, but to entire social classes. Unhappy people are easily influenced. The more unbeatable the difficulty they face is, the more inclined they are to grasp a burning nail.
The psychiatric doctrine knows the induced madness –the folie imposée– through which illusions and hallucinations –accentuated by the force of the autosuggestion– jump like sparks. Contrary to what is usually believed, frauds operate with the intellectual eclipses that accompany any intense alteration of the psychic mechanisms, and the sharper the feelings are, the easier the trick is.
The big swindler manipulates the fears or cravings that we fidget with or are quiet about; such as the fear of death, or the irrevocable immortality desire. If the victim hesitates still and sticks to the bastions of education and custom, he attracts it to situations in which the victim can push fragile inhibitions back or give in to painfully suppressed desires. He adheres firmly to the victim who promises booty and who seems to be ready to be assaulted.
Harking back to ancient times, herd instincts sleep in the man, of being congenial to the guiding animal and making themselves automatically comfortable with the rough movements of the herd or of the group. Anesthetized, snatched by the strength of the collective instinct of selfpreservation, people don’t have need of any coercion. The reverential automatism, the passion for venerating blindly and for following the position alpha of the wolf dressed in sheep, jumps over all the dikes.

III. The organized crime

The criminal organization is a company that generates multiple economic benefits obtained in a dishonest way. It is formed by persons associated to commit an offense, with vertical hierarchy and proper logistics: unlawful assembly, articulated structure and personalization. Every level has a common interest with regards to the previous one; the same criminal intention in different proportions.
The criminal association provides the goods and illicit services that they demand, or provides licit goods and services in an illegal way. To form its structure, it is necessary more than three individuals with temporary permanence and prosaic eagerness for lucre. He conspires to commit one or more crimes typified in the Convention of Palermo.4 A similar definition it is accepted by all the States of the world.
Generally, organized crime is identified with only one type of crime: the traffic of narcotic substances. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand this phenomenon from other varied forms of illicit activities, to define an effective and efficient politics against this criminal form. It is needed then a holistic perception, and to establish limits in its specific nomenclature; so that they allow to discover its agents and its criminal operations.
To finish this difficulty, we need to define its existence and qualify its gravity, to design strategies of political, judicial and repressive order; to the effect of exiling this type of transnational crime. The criminological study of permanence and continuity has allowed to gather knowledge about the organization: its structure, members, means, type of crime, and its diverse forms of criminal performance and, also, to evaluate the sly metamorphosis [washing of assets] of these organizations and their strategy to chase them.

§III.1 The criminal group is configured without the characteristics that define the criminal organization, making possible its punishment although there does not exist stability, coordination or distribution of functions. It is only essential that it is formed at least by three individuals, who act in cahoots in the perpetration of crimes or of repeated misdemeanors.
Not all the fraudulent operations are qualified in the enumeration of the disvalues committed by organized crime or by the criminal group; because in the kingdom of infamy there are very varied spheres. It is impossible to enumerate the diversity of means invented by human astuteness to deceive.5 There exist those who without having denomination that identifies them, take part in the low world of the criminal conspiracy, like those who come from Africa, compromised in the illicit traffic of hashish or of illegal immigration; as well as those that make fabulous sums with the profits of the paranormal fraud that crosses borders.
The exterior signs of wealth, in both cases, are sufficiently attractive to be characterized as a very profitable business –a bountiful source of money– that exists behind the law, annulling any dribblet of ethics or morality that could make criminal organizations think about the subsequent consequences of their criminality.

IV. The medical profession

Medicine occupies a privileged position in the social life. Medicine defender and maintainer of all vital breath, has been able to overcome the pain and suffering, and founded new hopes for longevity.
Across history, the healing art has been gradually separating from the ambience of power of the priest, who fights still today for the healing through sacrifices and prayers, and sends the patient to holy places located in or out of this world. There were inquiring medical schools attached to the temple of Aesculapius, and for a long time half of their cultural character survived.
In ancient Greece, blindness was a consequence of sin; illness, thunderbolt, defeat and drowning, a punishment of the gods to the blasphemers. Among ancient Israelites, the first helper and doctor was an Iahve the one that beats himself or by an angel human beings.6 In isolated cases the doctor was called, and one was speaking about ointments instead of sacrifices and prayers. It was even recommended to consult a doctor; since he also was created by the Lord.7 This healing art did not exceed in much that of other primitive people. And when medicine did not know the etiological cause, the patient was treated like a public enemy, as it happened in the Middle Ages, when the Court of the Holy Office tortured the epileptic patient and then condemn him to be burned alive in a bonfire for being possessed by demons.
In stories there are few doctors. The healing takes place by itself in a wonderful way. The aphasic queen can speak again. The good God returns the sight to the blind person, the word to the mute one, the sound to the deaf person and the life to the dead person; and hands grow to the girl who does not have them. In the world of miracles the work of a doctor is superfluous, risky, uncertain; and magic powers were passed to some saints and to many medicine men or warlocks.
The art of healing requires to know the body before intervening in the course of its functions. The physical or psychic discomfort is conjured by the means that science offers to remove the sources of the damage and to initiate the curative process. In the hands of the doctor are death and life; before the latter he will be a virtuoso of lex artis* in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and healing illnesses. The patient or the one that needs the professional help of a doctor is protected: his health certificates cannot be falsified. The juridical and ethicists norms of all nations threaten to chastise the doctor who unduly publishes what he knows about the patient. That’s why the doctor is told evident facts and things that the patient wishes to remain secret; before he the doctor fall down all of the stockades that the person has raised to protect his privacy and modesty.
The medical who restores health, saves lives, can not give humans immortality. Many diseases are incurable, every man has to die. The medical effort follows the rotation of come and go, providing assistance of his art here and prolonging the time of life till it is unavoidable to lay down one’s arms in front of the overwhelming superiority of the enemy.
The medical contemplates the coming and leaving, lives every day the turning of the birth and collapse. The earthly has its sphere. With all his altruism, the good doctor can only be an imperturbably realistic professional. A doctor has with life and death a different relationship, which is for himself a little weakness, but that from the point of view of his profession is a high gift. In a state of war one admires his cold and heroic courage when entering almost pleasantly in harm’s way. No one knows better than a doctor that one does not live more than once in this world.8 Against this order of things today, in all disciplines and in all techniques, a bunch of soothsayers and promiscuous necromancers has been settled, selling many forms of symbolization, fantasy and imagination: worlds beyond this one, spells, demons, enchantments, possessions, and the smoldering theories about the passage from this life to the infinite one.
Obscurantism rejects and vilifies reason as regulatory force of human society with an intensity that has almost no parallel in history. The mysterious realm of magic, where the gaze, gesture and the authority of the necromancer paralyze the will of the gods and make them bend their knees, has contributed to the vocabulary of deception. The victim becomes enchanted, haunted, fascinated, upset, because superstition connects so highly with the needs of the human soul, that the millennia have not been able to break its force. The illusion is so beautiful and consoling, that is very hard leave the reverie. In many cases, the black hole of irrationality separates society and civilization.
It is a fact that healing alchemists work from an emotional and psychosomatic standpoint, relaxing the patient, making him more optimistic and more tolerant to pain and suffering and leaving him a pleasant sensation of déjà vu, which is the result of the corrections the same patient makes through the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. But it is inconceivable that the mentalist, the psychic and the generality of people believe that these unorthodox procedures work beyond the placebo effect, which is a mistake. Hence, the mysticism turns into science, deception, fraud, scam, because the delusional regressive or progressive karma, the cupping, acupuncture, astrological charts, aura readings, chakra healings and other delusive parapsychological practices are not free of cost. The black market of parapsychic therapies is worth billions of dollars a year worldwide.
Amazed and entranced we contemplate that parallel to medicine runs a long list of mystical myths, magical, esoterics and animists who evoke baseless scammers to sell their services; and that their statements have been taken as truths throughout history. However, this, that is only the sample button, has a more complex background: the mass media, the Internet, popular literature and film, shamelessly sell, daily and hourly, speculation and incomplete or false information, or plain misinformation which, in substance, it would not be detrimental if our child population had better education to distinguish between dreaming and being awake, between fantasy and reality. This information is stored below the threshold of consciousness easily since they are very young, and helps maintain inner–city tales, errors and legends –called cryptomnesia- which can emerge or loom up a posteriori, without being able ourselves to explain sometimes an experience or phenomenon in a rationally manner.
The industry of occultist creed, esoteric or psychological, is extremely lucrative. It exploits, with chimerical claims, naïve, superstitious people of exalted imagination, or poor understanding attracted by the fantastic. The millionaire, profitable world of psychic therapists derived from the so-called New Age, is full of myths and superstitions. They blame the patients for their diseases, emulating the teachings of the well-known German psychiatrist and con man Geerd Ryke Hamer [Düsseldorf-Mettmann, 1935], who sponsored one of the most abhorrent episodes in the history of medicine, and who the German Judiciary, in 1986, disqualified for the exercise of the profession and revoked his license with a conviction that was upheld by the High Court in 2003. Hamer served time for a year in Germany [1997-1998]. Later he was accused of illegally practicing medicine and having caused the death of some of his patients, including a 7–year old girl.
Moreover, in France, the Fleury-Mérogis Court [Essonne] convicted and sentenced Geerd Ryke Hamer to three years in prison [2004-06] in the penitentiary at Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois after being extradited from Spain, where he was doing time in Madrid’s Soto del Real prison. Both sentences were sustained on charges of fraud and illegal practice of medicine. Still today, there are several judgments against him pending execution for not having been able to extradite him from Norway, where he hides since March 2007.
We live in an era in which basic cultural values are being challenged and attacked. We all know that the medical professional is surrounded by dangers. When money transforms him into a wild beast, his art becomes a danger to the unsuspecting mourners. His aberrant behavior allows him to perform the pious deception of feelings. He profits with hard cash that he easily deprives from his victims, defying all principles of professional ethics, and justifies himself because he even comes to believe his own lies.

V. Brian Leslie Weiss, M.D. [New York, 1944]

Unpresentable Jewish-American doctor, he graduated from the Universities of Columbia and Yale. Professor emeritus at the University of Miami-Florida. Head of area of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. Harbinger of his fraudulent past lifes or placebo effect therapy. Author of books related about the contrived fiction of reincarnation, addressed by him through psychiatric experiences narrated by his patients under hypnosis, spawning the monstrous contraption that he has called past life regression therapy or past lives to heal traumas occurred in previous lives.
The fables of Dr. Weiss refer the first experience of his self-regression that started in Alexandria, Egypt in the twentieth century B.C. and as a friend of Jesus of Nazareth in the first century B.C. and bystander when Jesus was carrying the cross to Calvary; fabulous episode without doubt plagiarized from the novel Trojan Horse: Jerusalem 1/ first published in 1984 [Caballo de Troya: Jerusalen 1/primera edición en 1984] intellectual property of the Spanish journalist and writer Juan Jose Benitez [Pamplona, 1946] 9. The following year, in 1985, Dr. Weiss published his obituary-like story, thereby initiating their greedy criminal career.
Inconsistent with the medical profession, the above holds with arrogant deceitfulness, being Babylonian priest, and have helped the disciples of Christ after his death on the Cross. He also represents that in other lives closer in time, he was a Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim holy man; as well as a Catholic priest in Scotland, and suffered torture and death by the ecclesiastical court of the Inquisition in Dublin. The gentleman of industry must had to deceive himself first in order to deceive others.
In the macabre humbug of this psychiatrist, his first patient –a 28 year old Catholic woman named Catherine, from New England, USA– whom he tried for over a year, not only recalled under hypnosis many of her lives but retroceded four thousand years to a past life in the Near East; in another of her lives first was a child in Ukraine and an eighteenth–century Spanish prostitute, and in another, a Greek who lived some centuries after the one she lived in the Near East. In the same story says the villain that his patient also gave him information about his dead father and his son, something only he and his wife knew. Facing deontology and medical ethics, the norm of professional patient-doctor confidentiality and secrecy is identified as the first factor of this physician dishonesty.
The patients, or –more accurately– Weiss’ sociopath victims, under the spell of knowing their other lives, paid large sums for a query that would be updated one or two years after having being booked. His fraudulent maneuver has allowed the predatory psychiatrist to amass huge fortune which he would have never achieved even in 500 years earning the salary he perceived from the university and the hospital where he worked. The temptation was very strong, inasmuch the regular practice of the profession was not as lucrative.
To gain expertise, the aforementioned rogue did not require much effort to conceive dogmatic load that tarnishes and debase the medical profession. Moreover, it follows by his arrogant and megalomaniacal personality that he never wanted to be left behind in the social valorization that gives the circle of civil existence. His progressive and regressive hypnosis has earned him the ill-fated global prominence that he always ambitioned, and that on the other hand, just with the mere practice would have never been possible. The status offered him rungs, but he passed over them with a big leap.
As leader of his shamanic–messianic sect, Dr. Weiss became a prince by the grace of his fraud, which turns off reality and presents, to him who is awake, a daydreams world. It highlights his chameleon like disposition –same as the ecumenical creeds that suck every possible blood– with a theosophical syncretism subliminal message: he claims to have been a Babylonian, Muslim, Catholic and Buddhist priest. His abominable greed commands the attention of other traditional cults that summon crowds. He employs hallucinated paramnesias, climbing in front of the rapturous gaze of his innocent victim, who participates in the higher power by placing himself on his side and offers the incense of his devotion. From the true obsession, he descends the steps of consciousness to comedy simple.
Relentless rascal, he needs to be admired and revered as a friend of Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples, and as a scapegoat in Dublin. Boasts of being a postmodernist western guru and to be the chosen one and leader of his vulgar brotherhood. Fascinates by his cynicism, persuaded that he influences feelings of naïve or dejected, downcast people; and he participates and gets involved in television interviews, radio programs, conferences and seminars.
This is where the criminal audacity of the trickster and his trained defenders profit from emotions. Of all the impulses that torment us, hurt us, and which require urgent satisfaction, hunger and thirst come first. With the elemental predating instinct, the scammer has discovered a hidden longing, a craving soul. The one who promises to quench this deep craving seizes man and crowds. And because of that, competing instincts are a hindrance.
The predator attacks its prey in places where there is water, in natural watering places, in its homing instinct, where the victims are dragged by their needs. Dr. Weiss knows the inner emptiness, thirst for perennity of their victims. He knows that his humbug weakens the strength, enervates volition and makes reason fades away. Everything news of perpetuity on the planet is ecstasy. Everything vital breath that ensures eternity is frenzy. Everything illusion of immortality is voluptuousness triumph in the mystery.
The fear of death and loneliness represent the existential angst caused by the harmful social hatching. As soon as the object is missing to the instinct, an emptiness is felt that a person tries to fill with all his might. The human being gives credit to pseudology in order to satisfy hidden whims, trying to find inside what is not in his/her family or society. While in bookstores, pans full of self-help [«you can achieve anything you want with the power of your mind»] continue to fill with soot our analytical capability, the very one which allows us to understand and address the pressing challenges that lie the troubled human society.
Progressive or regressive therapy, with its enchantment effect, deprives of strength and resistance and intellectually leads to slavery. The human being with the illusion of being recycled, is humiliated and enticed to lose his reason and dignity, in the vain belief that to peregrinate from body to body in this world is his/her destiny.
A doctor with a basic sense of ethics in develop a decent medical practice, does not offer improbable results, no promises thaumaturgic cures and does not blames the patients for their ailment. Similarly, if a doctor in a surgery forgets the scalpel embedded in the patient’s body, he must be publicly denounced by medical malpractice, and be condemned to pay the victims high compensatory amounts of money for his serious fault.
His millionaire propaganda –a scientific fraud of alarming proportions– which Dr. Weiss calls my books, despite not having the peer validation review provided and required by WHO, are true surreal bestsellers that, translated into 40 languages, have managed to sell over 20 million units. Through them, and in their software, offered as a therapeutic method through esoteric spaces in the Web10 and in his lectures, in which the preaches the trickster, who has always been unbeliever, preaches the licentious which was always disbelieved and has suddenly radically changed by the testimony of his mysterious psychic Catherine, of whom no evidence of existence has been given, not even in the control of their “sessions”, and he just requires that one should blindly believe in his word. From this episode, raving and grotesque hodgepodge of medicine, religion and magic, Dr. Weiss knew the smile of fortune and success, which allowed him to share tablecloths with monarchs, dignitaries, as well as the wealthy and famous.
So if all this is so, the inference is: Dr. Brian Leslie Weiss is a man of prey, not science. His willful imposture makes of him a vulgar celebrity illusionist and international swindler and a disgrace to the medical profession. From the shadows he controls the group that runs a massive criminal conspiracy, that of regression to past lives, to snatch the assets of their victims by exploiting their fears, beliefs and needs.
Perverse and manipulative psychopath. Mythomaniac and narcissistic. Rogue and predator. Shameless; to inspire credulity, he uses the mask of dignity that the years lend, and the respected medical galas. Of no little intelligence that makes him even more dangerous. Medicine holds that 80% of hospitalized patients have functional psychogenic illness; it is obvious that, by his being a doctor, he knows the psychic etiology of almost all functional discomforts. He abuses the good faith of people who accept his propaganda with such rapture, that do not skimp in paying him huge sums for consultation after consultation.
The profane mysticism expressed by the bungling absurdities of Dr. Weiss, is indifferent to an objective and independent validation of their effectiveness, because he uses in his criminal commission, for personal gain, the fallacy of false cause. Formal logic qualifies coincidental or causal connection as false cause fallacy** when one takes as sufficient condition for an event, something that is not its cause; that is, this paralogism assumes that if an event happens after another, the first is a consequence of the second.10 In other words, since an event happens following a previous one, the former is consequence of the latter. So, truth be honored: correlation does not imply connection of causality. For example: the cock crows before daybreak, thus the rooster crowing causes the sunrise.11 However, Logic explains the fallacy of false cause as a misleading fact or objective circumstance, whereas in Dr. Weiss’ fraud the cause is an obvious scam.
The pedestrian necrophilia –playful fraud and mock-scientific research– of Dr. Weiss propagated by his prolific miserere colic of books, conferences and worldwide seminars in front of vast audiences [for which he charges US$ 50000 and US$ 90000] it is raised without contrast by be veiled to all rational analysis; which is why, is antagonistic to the principles of scientific rigor of medicine in etiology and diagnostics, and indifferent to the development and treatment of disease; and, of course, it is not approved or published by the Medical Congress, an institution legally authorized to assess its content and scope.
Neither, obviously, have his raving books on reincarnation been accepted by the U.S. Medical School nor by the American Psychiatric Association, institutions that must pass judgment on the misdeeds and unethical medical practice of this evil professional, who has soon forgotten the Hippocratic oath,12 whose ethical content orients trade practice; Weiss devised more than 25 years, a criminal, iconoclastic structure against Human Medicine, Anthropology, Clinical Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy, that has been an inspiration to other lowlifes order to make of fiction and mendacity the weapons of its own criminal life.
The ethical descent of this bold trickster has slipped into the improbable spots of fantasy, magic and the paranormal to create his monstrous; professional conduct hard-fought with the dialectical principles of Medicine, Education and Law. Dr. Weiss now not only helps psychiatric patients –as he himself admits– but also passes through consultation thousands of onlookers including underaged children13 eager to know their past or future lives. The bias is lack serious. This is malpractice and a serious offense, because the doctor does not absolve a professional inquiry but that, as any dilettante shaman, serves and directs an appointment with the nether or future worlds.
For these reasons, I assume that Dr. Brian Leslie Weiss should be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation –FBI– and Florida State Police where the scammer resides, even more so if his criminal vocation is made evident in the collective scam committed by FWM Laboratories, Laboratories Fort Lauderdale, Nox Edge, Mojo Blast, and others in the U.S. apparently of his own property, which have resulted in thousands of complaints by fraud.14
The medical profession does not reach its goal in the restoration of health, but as exalted profession exerts social education to the minority of a nation that is always observing the behavior of its members. The doctor provides assistance and protection to suffering humanity. His aid is dispensed with loyalty and respect. Children and youth don’t deserve to be poisoned this sinister and irrational medical practice, compounded by being the perpetrator a medical professional.
But the issue is collective health. State and Federal police of the United States of America, should initiate a thorough investigation into the misdeeds of this con artist. A thorough examination of his asset’s will establish his efficacy as con artist:
– The ownership as a sole owner or shareholder, of cable TV channels, radio stations in the U.S. and worldwide, and in casinos and gambling;
– Publishing companies that have published the works of Dr. Weiss, and their participation in holding shares15;
– Alienating television programs emitting in open and close signal to 90% of the television in the United States, and entering homes around the world, with programs that deal with poltergeists, haunted houses, prophecies, reincarnations, regression to past lives, paranormal encounters, psychic investigators, psychic children, and many others related to the afterlife or the further-back life;
– Television broadcasts mentioned in the previous section, in which actors and actresses involved funded theater –by whom?– and often children, to characterize characters in the plot and the intrigue;
– The conditions under which he performs medical visits. Whose voice is the one heard on the recorder of Dr. Weiss, and it is supposed to be the consultant’s in the dream state. Because it is easy to argue that the patient does not recognize his voice because he spoke asleep or because it was his past life who spoke by the mouth of the sleeper. Or if voice belongs to a different sex is because through the consultant spoke his past life in which he belonged to the other sex;
– Dispensing in his office experiential regression to minors in the presence or absence of their parents;
– The income tax compliance and tax obligations of Dr. Weiss, as provided in the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America;
– The translators and traducers for his multilingual clients, with whom they share information and personal experiences;
– Minions and sidekicks: minor and distant characters belonging to the criminal organization, who play the role of back-up, masquerading extras in countries where he gives lectures, and organizes symposia, conferences and seminars.
– His other accomplices and henchmen in charge of searching the tombs and semblances of those who died the same day the consultant was born.
We must consider that booking appointments for regressive consultation with Dr. Weiss must be made one or two years in advance, living in his hands not only money but also personal details, including the date and place of birth necessary to ensure their performance and develop the history or medical records.
So that, if the client is worth it for their propaganda, the imposter has enough time to match and arrange a fictitious link between the extinct [date of death] and the consultant [date of birth] near or far from home. Only a few in a year will attest to the successes of Dr. Weiss.
Otherwise, it just suffices that the consultant is placed in any historical age, or Antarctica, or Pompeii, or as anonymous Aztec chieftain or someone whose name can be easily taken from the history books or epic literature.
For all this and more, organized society and its institutions have a duty to intervene to create transparency in democracy, and to defend the human rights of dignity and respect for the individual, all the issues enshrined in legislation throughout the world. The minority has the right to have his dignity respected and to receive special care and assistance from all nations16; and it has the right to be educated according to the high spirit of the principles, purposes and ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations.17 Children and young people deserve no moral aggression of this nature. Culture and civilization have no substitutes. The man that is counter to this plans, has a dungeon with open bars waiting for him.
Spiritualist’s fraud goes further, arguing that religious auxiliaries should enjoy tax privileges and exemptions. However, curing people, talk to the dead, see the future, back or progress to other lives or make UFO contact, if it’s not just a charade or frivolous entertainment without real basis, the performer must prove his powers in court under penalty of fine and imprisonment, for it is time that the world’s governments act in defense of the victims of the paranormal. Anyone can be gullible or disbelieved, but if someone provides a service in exchange for a payment, you are required to demonstrate that the service offered is real.
There is only left to urge the Medical Board of the United States, and the American Psychiatric Association –institutions that should be more concerned with the welfare of society that the one of the profession they represent– to outlaw their associated member, stripping him of his medical license, and decide on public moral misconduct and insanity to a degree that borders on the morbid and unhealthy; and his hallucinatory regressive and progressive therapy, that desecrates the epistemological principles of medical science and undermines the legal heritage of his victims: this is what the nations of the world are obliged to protect.
The U.S. custodial institutions, the international scientific community and the organizations that monitor human rights, cannot assume a non critical position. The dignity and morality of the human person are protected by international and domestic public law. Dr. Weiss’ fraudulent crime not only victimizes people who are bereaved by any physical or mental illness, or emotional distress, precipitating them to their nihility, but also attacks the laws of Government, the legal system and customary law.18
Necromancy discredits Medicine. The quackery in any form is unethical and contrary to professional decorum. It is illegal and immoral to use medical practice to lead a criminal enterprise dedicated to committing a permanent collective scam at the planetary level, through a play cruel, ruthless and obscene. Their illegal action is alien to the Unique List of Medical Procedures and to the International Accepted Standards of Diagnosis and Treatment, approved by the World Health Organization, which furthermore foresee the obligation to strive with all effort to respect the human rights of people in regards to their mental health; and require that the health resources that are offered or authorized, conform to scientific criteria of validity and real help.
Under the rule of law and the doctrine of clear and present danger, it is necessary to suppress the wrongdoer who operates his parasitic activities with absolute impunity on both sides of the Atlantic. There is justification for limitations on grounds of public policy: the murky selfish interests of an individual must be subordinated to the general interest of nations. Freedom can be restricted to prevent grave and immediate danger to interests which State or Federal governments have the right to rightfully protect.19 U.S. authorities are obliged to enact measures against damage, even if the cause of danger is uncertain and it is ignored if it’s likely to cause harm. There exists binding international jurisprudential casuistry, so it should be adjusted to the judged matter with respect to earlier proceedings about criminal acts of the same legal status.
To all international organisms presided by WHO and representatives of the U.S. Medical School, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, World Psychiatric Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and to the scientific community of nations: the Code of Ethics, moral heritage of medicine, which contains provisions recognized and enshrined in all latitudes, prohibits the doctor to apply therapies that are not sufficiently contrasted. The professional moral guarantees the praxis; this is established in the Hippocratic Oath and the categorical Kantian imperative20 that is its deontological foundation.
Pedagogy –civilization’s sublime axiological purpose– exhausts its essence in the formation of the learner, contemplates with amazement and bewilderment the successful transformation of liberal professions into criminal ones and vice versa; given the fact that the pseudo-logic obscurantist industry, highly disturbing, ends up canceling the critical faculty of the students, thus degrading their intelligence development, and consequently shaking the dialectic foundations of the science of Education. The culture of death is not only the death of culture, but also the destruction of society itself when two top values of the person disappear: the intelligence that allows you to reach the truth, and the freedom to love and follow that truth.21
It’s time to stop being witnesses of the destruction of contemporary culture, which straddles the validity of essential values of life and the human person.22 It is not enough to be indifferent to the imposture of the hooligan who deprives nations of peace and legal certainty. It is necessary to reprove, suppress and banish it. His leniency becomes quintessential, fearful tolerance, which represents omission, concealment and succor to the swindle; this insults intelligence, dishonors the human race, and perverts customs.

Trujillo – Perú, june 2013

Alejandro Cruzado-Balcázar
Attorney at Law

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Alejandro Cruzado Balcazar

Abogado, jurista, historiador y profesor universitario. Asesor legal de la Municipalidad de Chiclayo (1980), y del Instituto Nacional del Cultura de la misma ciudad (1988); Director Regional de los Registros Públicos de la Región Nor Oriental del Marañón (1993-1994). Miembro Lector del Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla, España (2004). Miembro correspondiente extranjero de la Academia Nacional de Historia del Ecuador (2006); de la "Inter-American Bar Association" de Washigton, E.E.U.U. (2008); de la "Union Internationale des Avocats" de París, Francia (2008); de Amnesty International, y de Human Right Watch International. Miembro de la Asociación Americana de Juristas (AAJ). Socio de la Academia Mundial de Literatura, Historia, Arte y Cultura (AMLHAC).

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